Community Support

Girard-Lake City Chamber of Commerce is finding new ways and initiatives to support the communities of Girard and Lake City, Pennsylvania. Below are a few of their efforts:

GLCC Needy Fund

The Needy Fund was established to help local businesses or community members during a time of crisis.

A Needy Fund drive is held each year from November to December. The proceeds from this drive are donated to LOVE, INC. to help local families with holiday expenses. A total of $1,500.00 was donated last year to local families.

GLCC Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund was established to aid local Girard High School students with college expenses. The scholarship application is available at the Girard High School Guidance office.  Applications are due by May 1st. Last year’s winner was awarded $1,500.00.

To be a part of these initiatives, contact the Girard-Lake City Chamber of Commerce and see how you can help.